Welcome to my little pice of the internet, where I can brain bump everything from personal thoughts and opinions to my favourite skincare, with the odd rant chucked in for good measure. So here's a line bit more about me:

Who Am I

Hi! I'm Rosie, a 27 year old Gal from Birmingham.  I’m a self proclaimed tea obsessive, professional eater of cake and addict of black outfits. I began my blog back in 2018, as a place to be a creative outlet after I finished University. I've always read blogs and found them to be so helpful when I was growing up. I've always been so creative and loved making things, so starting a blog myself seemed like a natural fit.  

What I do 

I'm an actress and am currently In the UK Tour of Billionaire Boy. Its not been an easy ride to get here and its defiantly hard work, but I'm still so proud of myself for getting as far as I have. I went to Birmingham School of acting to obtain my training and degree, and have done all different sizes of projects ever since.

What I Love

Tea, Yorkshire, one sugar, milky! Pretty much any kind of cake, except fruit cake. that is the work of the devil. Harry Potter, I've grown up with the books and as much as I try to be a Gryffindor, every quiz I take tells me i'm Hufflepuff. They're wrong, but okay. Sweet and Sour chicken, is there and Chinese dish better though?! Christmas lights, I would have them hung up all year if I could! I find them so relaxing and warming and could stare at them all day (something I have been known to do, phaha).

I'd love my blog to be a place were live minded people and come together and engage on a friendly level. So if you'd like to know anything else, send me a message or pop over to my instagram and we can chat!

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