The Best Series on Netflix (According To Me)

Thursday, 9 July 2020 Birmingham, UK

The Best Series on Netflix According to Me

We've all tried to better ourselves and perfect a skill in lockdown, my skill has been navigating Netflix. Lemme tell you, I am an absolute pro! I mean, its not hard but don't take this away from me!

I know I've defiantly searched 'The Best Series on Netflix' way more than once, so I thought I'd compile my own little list for anyone who's bored of 2008 Eastenders episodes or The News, because I know I've watched more news than ever before, and its all just repeats of its self and just makes me angry...phaha!

The Best Series on Netflix (According To Me)

Gossip Girl

Now I'm sure most people will have watched this, and I have too. Three times intact. But I had to put it as number 1 on my list for these reasons: packed with drama, amazing fashion, Chuck Bass. Its 6 seasons long, which does mean its somewhat of a commitment, but it also means you have a trusty series to binge watch without having to find anything else for a good while! So much happens in each episode, and the storylines aren't dragged out, and are so far away from most of our realities, that its the perfect form of escapism. So if rich teenagers, strutting around NY causing havoc, and having all their dirty laundry hung out to dry, sounds a bit on you, this is well worth a watch.

The Crown

Okay, I'll give you that im late to the party with this one, if im honest I tried to watch it when it first came to Netflix, but I just don't like Matt Smith. Soz Matt :/ But I'm a huuuuge lover of The Royal Family and history, so I knew if stuck to it, I would love it. So I came back to it and I've been hooked ever since. Its definitely one you have to concentrate on as its quite political, and my boyfriend definilty knows the rule when I'm watching it... 'its a no talking show'. What I love about this, is because it based on true events, its like you're living in that era, experiencing history. You completely believe that Claire Foy is the Queen and is really walking around Buckingham Palace (Or at least I do anyway...) and that you're being let into a world that you couldn't only dreamed of. I've honestly learnt so much about our Royal family since I started watching this programme, I honestly couldn't believe there was so much I didn't know, which is why its in my list of the best series on Netflix.

When They See Us

When this came onto Netflix, back in May 2019, we jumped straight on to watch it and I was absolutely blown away by it. The story is heart breaking, shocking, maddening and incredible all at the same time. The cinimatography and performances are absolutely stunning, particularly Jharrel Jerome, who played Korey Wise. With the huge amount of attention that's on the BLM movement at the moment, and everyone trying to widen their knowledge and educate themselves further, this is a perfect series to watch. It really highlights the discrimination some people are facing every day due to the colour of their skin. Its unapologetic and shines a perfect light on the injustices of this case. It really moved me and and still plays on my mind today, I think its a must watch for everyone.


1950's Hollywood. The age of glamour. And that's exactly what this series oozes. It's a glimpse into the 50's Hollywood film scene with a twist. Though the plot and many of the characters are fictional, its based on a young ex-marine called Scott Bowers who owned a Gas Station, and she's a light on the unfair discriminations and systems on gender, race and sexuality that still exist today. It explores the idea of what would happen if a lady of colour was cast as an Oscar nominated lead, or the person with the power, who calls all the shots, was a woman, or a screenwriter was gay. It's a wonderful twist on the traditional telling of The Golden Age, and has you gripped from the start.
*I would just add, this is definitely an adult program!

The Sinner

There has been two pervious seasons of this, but I say that lightly. Every season is a different story, a crime that needs to be solved by Detective Harry Ambrose. The first season/story stars Jessica Biel, who gives an amazing performance, with a storyline to match. The second season for me, was slightly weaker, still fab, but the first was just so good. The crimes basically have to be solved backwards, which means whenever you think you've cracked it, another curveball is thrown your way, so you're constantly left guessing. A third season has just come out, and due to the fact the stories are unrelated, you'd deffo be able to start on the third season and not be confused as to what's going on.

So there you have it, The Best Series on Netflix (According To Me).  I hope this has helped give you some ideas of what to watch next, and I'd love to hear what you're currently loving on Netflix! Feel free to share it in the comments below or message me on Insta.

Thanks for reading,
Love Rosie xxx

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