FOMU - The Fear of Meeting Up

Sunday, 12 July 2020 Birmingham, UK

Its crazy times we're living in now, and who'd of ever though FOMU- The Fear of Meeting Up, would ever be a thing?! Last week, many of our fave past times resumed and we could all go and get a fresh bouncy blow and show off our new locks with the girls over a gin in the pub. But is it really just that simple? Gone are the days of doing things due to FOMO, now a simple choice of 'do I go and get a coffee with the girls?' seems literally like a life and death question.

While many people seemed to have embraced this new way of life with open arms, I know there's definitely a few of us that still don't really have a clue what's going on. Personally I'm constantly stuck between "right lets embrace it. I'm gonna go shopping, I've got my mask, life is fine" and "I never want to leave the house again', and social anxiety seems to have reared its delightful little head just to add to the whole FOMU effect.

I thought I'd put together a little list of a few things if you, or anyone you know is going through FOMU...

1. Everyone has had a completely different experience of lockdown, some of us have been the key work heroes, who've kept us going, some of us have taken working from home as a whole new challenge and smashed it, and some of us have simply had to take one day at at a time. For these people, remember that social interaction might have been very much limited, so when inviting people out, don't take offence If they're unsure, or simply say no. Allow them to be honest with how they're feeling about the situation, other plans could be suggested that make you all feel more at ease.

2. Some people may feel more intimidated by big numbers, so maybe suggesting meeting just the two of you, or finding a number you both feel comfortable with. Plan your outing together, chose a location that will suit both of you, and create a plan together. This might alleviate any anxieties anyone has, having something set might reduce stress :)

3. When it comes to hand sanitiser, I dunno about you, but I can't get enough of the stuff. And I think most people have a similar mind set, but masks are a slightly different situation. Some people prefer not to wear one when they're out in an open space alone, some people like to wear theirs all the time, and some people like to wear theirs at only certain times. Whatever you group choose to do, you must do what makes you feel the most comfortable. Yes masks can look at bit intimidating and kind of goes against everything we've learnt about the social norms of covering our faces, but don't push your own comfort levels for anyone else.

These new just a few little musings I've been thinking about recently while I work myself up for 'The Big Outing'... whenever that is, and it seems to calm me a little so I hope it does you too.

If you have any tips or advice of FOMU- The Fear of Meeting Up,  please do leave them in the comments below, or pop over to my insta and leave me a message :)

Thank you, as always, for reading,
Stay Safe,
Love Rosie xxx

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