24 Hours in Brighton

Saturday, 18 January 2020


The song oh I do like to be besides the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea, most defiantly applies to me. Since I was a little girl, I've loved being by the sea, or any kind of water. It calms me in a way nothing else does. After a hectic Christmas, which in my career I should be used to by now, but never am..., we were given a much needed weeks holiday to recuperate, hibernate and eat! As my boyfriend could see, by the time I was finished, my shoulders had reached my ears in stress, I was almost shaking with anxiety and I had pretty much lost all appetite from exhaustion. *Queue teeny tiny violins* So in a very sudden burst of spontaneity, we got onto google and booked trains and a hotel. We were going to Brighton. I was going to see the sea. Having that little something to look forward too, got me through the last few shows and for the first time in ages, I couldn't wait to get my  suitcase packed. We were on a 9:30 train out of London Victoria, getting us into Brighton for 10:30. After a a stuuuupidly slow bus driver caused us to nearly miss our train, leading to a mad dash from the underground to the platform, which was obviously the furthest one away, we got settled in our seats and set off on our way. After an easy hour train ride, where we watched the final episode of Don't F**k WithCats, (which by the way, its massively inappropriate to talk about in this post, but if  you love a crime documentary you neeeeed yo watch!) we arrived in Brighton. As we walked out the station I was immediately hit with gail force winds. But it was sea air, and I didn't care.

We'd booked into the Grand Hotel, which is about a 10 minute walk down the hill from the station and is also right on the sea front. Our room was ready so we could check in straight away and dump our bags before we went exploring. The hotel was absolutely stunning. All very grand, as the name suggests, but with a 1920's/modern day twist. You felt special from the moment the door man (door man!!) helped us through the door. As we entered out room, I let out a  very audible and very dramatic gasp. Which I will 100% justify given the beauty of the room and that it  looked right out over the sea. We now faced the dilemma that I didn't want to leave the room, but reluctantly -and with a bribe of ice cream- left our things and headed out to see the sights.

The first stop, was naturally the Pier. We walked along the beach taking in the views, until we came to the entrance. As it was January, and freezing cold, the Pier was pretty much shut up, but that still didn't stop us having a good told look round and taking a million photos.  We were  tourists, and I do like to live up to a good title.

After another long walk along the beach, we decided to hit The Lanes. A beautiful little maze of old and new shops, bars and restaurants. We literally walked round and round them for hours, every time seeing something new, and resisting the urge to spend all my money. 
4 hours and 12 miles later (I won an award for being a pro walker on by Fitbit, just sayin') we headed back to the hotel for a little nap before dinner. I also wanted to make sure we got to spend some time in the room, it was just so beautiful.

For dinner we headed to Browns. Up a little side road and away from the hustle and bustle, we had a perfect little table window and had the most amazing 3 course meal, consisting of Fishcakes, muscles in white wine and garlic, and apple crumble. It was an absolute taste sensation! The service was brill and the food was amazing, I would defiantly go again! Dinner was followed by drinks in The Mesmorist, a little bar we'd found on our many laps of the lanes, and then back to the hotel just in time for me to pass out into a cloud of pillows and duvets for the cosiest nights sleep.

And the cosiest nights sleep is exactly what I had. We woke up next morning to the sound of waves crashing again the beach, with the sun peaking through the gap in the curtains. How I didn't just sit staring out my window with a cup of tea in my hands all day is beyond me; but the sweet, sweet smell of the buffet breakfast was calling my name! We had a table for 2 in the conservatory, over looking the sea (Theres a running theme here, aha!) and tucked into as many sausages, pastries, and bowls of fruit as I could shove in my face. Fuel for another day of walking. That was my excuse anyway!

First stop, a wonder round the Royal Pavilion, which lead us onto the North Lanes. In the heart of this boho, free spirited maze of lanes is where we found Photomatic. A tiny Photo Booth shop, with 3 different types of booth. And with the discovery of this, went our morning. We spent wayyyyy too much time and had way too much fun in this little shop, but in Birmingham and London, a Photo booth is so hard to come across! After we'd finished our shoot in Photomatic, we headed to Red Roaster to check out our handiwork, and admire our cute photos. On every list I'd seen of things to do, The Red Roaster was always coming up a must. Because we'd (I'd) been so fat at breakfast we (Oli) wasn't hungry enough for brunch (Sob, but means we'll just have to go back. OKAY!)  so we just had a hot drink. And it did not disappoint. The atmosphere was so chilled and the decor was so aesthetic, I felt like I was sitting in Instagram. We finished up and headed back out for a few more hours of wondering around, always finding new things to see.

Along the way, was the Upside Down House. The weather had turned and it was starting to drizzle, so we decided we'd go and see what it was all about. Its only £5 entry, so its not too bad, considering all you do is literally take a few photos and you look like you're defying gravity. Pretty cool but when you've done it once you kind of get the gist and get over it.

All this being upside down, had naturally got me starving, and me being me, I was determined to have fish and chips on the beach. This fantasy soon became a distant memory, when the winds changed and the sky decided to crush all my hopes and dreams, and rain! RUDE! So we headed for shelter in Harry Ramsdens, and as an award winning fish and chips restaurant, I couldnt really complain! We had a table overlooking the sea (Obvs, I think we've all concluded I like looking at the sea at this point) and I had a small plate and it was huuuuge! You deffo get your monies worth from ya pal, Harry! 

Then came the sad part. Home Time. To get over the distress, we headed to Tesco so I could stock up on comfort food and snacks for the train, because apparently I don't stop eating these days. The Train ride was just as easy home, but a lot less exciting. And with the return into London Victoria, my shoulders reached up to meet their old friends, my ears. My anxiety returned, and normality was resumed. But Brighton, I'll be seeing you again!

If you have any towns or cities you'd recommend visiting, please do let me know in the comment box. I always love seeing new places!

Thank you as always for reading,
Rosie xx

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