The Tour Diaries Part 3 - Packing

Wednesday, 4 December 2019

It's pretty daunting when you have the task of packing for potentially weeks away on end. Luckily for me, I have a base in both London and Birmingham, meaning I can go home pretty much every Sunday in between venues, to wash all my clothes and pack a new suitcase for week. This does mean however, that I have half my clothes in the big smoke, and half in Birmingham, and don't really know where I live anymore, which is always interesting! But the luxury of only having to wheel a little suitcase around with me, instead of one that was almost bigger than me, and that nearly resulted in a hernia when I tried to get it off the train when I used it for the first venue, is totally worth my almost homeless existence!

When I found out I'd got this tour, I didn't really know where to start with packing, I didn't know what I'd need, what would be a luxury and what an essential. I had Googled packing essentials when on tour and I couldn't find anything particular helpful, which prompted this post. So hopefully it'll be a little bit of help!

When it comes to packing, I usually just work on a rotation of clothes and only pack for the days I'll be away (which for a serial over packer, is a task and a half lemme tell ya!).  Due to the fact when I'm at work I hardly spend any time in my actual clothes and most of my life in costume, I tend to opt for comfort over style. Gym leggings and baggy jumpers are my best friends. Every day we do a physical and vocal warm up, so something I can move about and roll on the floor without worrying about getting ruined, is essential. And between shows I tend to chuck pyjamas on because I live for comfort and no one wants to try and slither back onto gym leggings after you've peeled off your sweaty stage tights! Now that's a visual image, you are welcome!

With my tactically small suitcase, I have to be very strict on myself on what I pack so I thought I'd share with you what my essentials are, because let me tell you, I could've done with reading this before I set off on this adventure!

1. Dressing Gown

For me, I am very much a; feeling happy? put on your dressing gown. Feeling tired? put on your dressing gown. Life falling apart? put on your dressing gown, kinda gal. Bur in all seriousness, when you walking from the bathroom to your room, or popping down for a drink in the middle of the night, the extra layer not only adds warmth, but defiantly makes me feel more comfortable. No one wants to do the mad dash post shower in just a towel through someone else's chilly house! So this item was absolutely without a showdown of a doubt, an essential.

2. Warm Pyjamas

There are some people in life, who are born with the gift of hot blood. I, however, do not possess such gifts. I am deffo one of those annoying people who are always cold! And one of my genuine hates, is being cold in bed. When I'm cold or get into a cold bed, that's it for me. I just cannot get warm, so when you have no control over the heat in digs, a pair of warm and cosy PJ'S are absolutely the first things that get chucked into my case!

3. A Mug

We all have a favourite mug (please tell me I'm not the only one) that we reach for for our morning tea. Which is why I always have my trusty and adorbs pig mug with me. Well, that and the fact that you book bigs in good faith you'll be staying somewhere clean and tidy. But unfortunately that's not always the case. How someone can let their home out in some of the states I've seen blows my mind, but that is a story for another day!

4. A Towel

There is nothing better that a nice hot shower and a fluffy towel on these cold winter mornings. Usually towels are included in the price for the room, but I've learnt my lesson on taking the risk with this. not to say this is always the case but I've had to use one too many holey and scratchy towels, with a questionable musky smell, for my liking. We do get provided towels in the show, and I've definitely had to sneak it out on more than one occasion, which is why a soft towel that smells like home is essential for me!

The are just a few of many things I make sure I've always got packed in my case every week, I'm sure there's more and if I could I'd pack my whole bedroom, wardrobe and mom in there, but sadly, I cant. So these are just a few things that make me feel comfortable and at home when I am most defiantly, not.

If theres anything on your essential packing list when your on the road, I'd love to hear it, leave It in the comments below :)

Thanks for reading,
Rosie xx

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