The Tour Diaries Part 2 - Digs

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Welcome back to The Tour Diaries, I hope you enjoyed part one! I join you from my digs in High Wycombe, catching an early night before we open here tomorrow.

In this post, I thought I'd explain a little more about where I sleep when I spend these weeks on the road. Every week we get given a touring allowance, which basically covers our accommodation and travel for the week. Finding somewhere to stay for the time we're in each city, is souley down to us. We can choose a hotel, an apartment, Airbnb, tent... pretty much anything you can think of, but I've mostly been using a website called Theatre Digs Booker. This is a website where people with spare rooms, flats or houses to rent, can post pictures and details of their properties for you to rent for the week, at usually a pretty good price (which is usually under our allowance, which I call a WIN!) While these are sometimes a steel, it also means you more often than not end up renting a room in someones house. While 99% of these houses and hosts are lovely, you're bound to get the odd... interesting experience. (Luckily for me, I've never had anything too bad...if we don't talk about the couple who only, and I mean only, wore mini silk kimonos around the house and told me off for buying milk...) And I'm not going to lie, no matter how nice your house and host is, it is never going to be a completely comfortable experience just waltzing into someones house, cooking dinner and going to bed like you've been pals for years, then leaving a week later and never to see them again.

With this in mind, every few weeks, I've been treating myself by booking a Travelodge (classy) or Premier Inn (Sassy) close to the theatre. I know, I'm really pushing the boat out here! But sometimes it's nice to treat yourself to not having a half an hour walk to and from the theatre every day (not that I mind the walk, it ups my septs and my Fitbit celebrates for me!)  and by being able to basically role out of bed in into the stage door. While this small luxury does make me feel massively more relaxed and comfortable, it also means I can't cook a batch meal for the week, so my blood stream ends up being 45% instant oats, 45% instant noodles and 10% complimentary Twinnings tea (call me a tea snob, but nothing beats Yorkshire. AM I RIGHT?!). Its a massively good job I like all these things, but its only when I get home that I realise I have never appreciated eating a meal off a plate and not out of a plastic tub more. Oh the glamorous life of theatre!

Touring the show I'm currently on is hard work, as we usually (always) have 2 shows a day, which is great fun, but also means we spend 99% of our lives in the theatre. However this doesn't mean I don't want as nice digs as I can possibly find. Sleep is so important, so a nice bed and a comfortable surrounding is vital, especially if you're a light sleeper like me! That us why, if you're about to embark on a tour in this mad business we call show, or any other for that matter, I would hiiiiighly recommend looking on Digs Booker or Air BnB. Being able to see photos of the property, read reviews and talk to the host can make a world of difference when you're making your choice

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