My Autumn Highlights

Friday, 1 November 2019

When it comes to Autumn, I’m your gal. Anything to do with fallen leaves, cosy days, hot drinks and Halloween is completely my jam. Autumn has been my favourite time of the year for as long as I remember. Normally when October 1st hits, I go full Fall mode and Autumn up the room.  I’m talking artificial pumpkins, leaves, candles, fairy lights, the whole hog. But this year because of my baby nephew (who is the most beautiful thing on gods green earth, may I just add) being born and having to spend time in hospital, and because of being here, there and everywhere on the road, I’ve had to cram my whole month of Autumn Maddess into one weekend. So I had to pick out my favourite activities, and go to town. Packing a month into 2 days isn’t easy, but this is what I did!

Pumpkin Picking

Living in Central London, this little activity was not as easy to find as it usually would have been back home. We’d discussed going to the ever famous Tully’s farm, but decided the 1.5 hour drive was just a tad too long. So instead we opted for Cammas farm, which luckily was only a nice 45 minuets away! When we arrived, it was rammed and my anxiety took over. So we didn’t stay as long as we usually would, but the pumpkins we picked were corkers and it was worth the whole ordeal to be able to bring those little beauties  home!

Carving Said Pumpkins

When I’m carving pumpkins, in my family it is an unwritten law that you HAVE to be watching a scary film while the carving commences. And by scary films I absolutely mean Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas. But they’re the best ones, am I right?!

Halloween Baking

I am a fiend when it comes to a baked good. And if it’s a seasonal baked good you have to fight me away with a sick. I love baking, I find it so therapeutic. So this year me and the boy rolled up our sleeves and made some spooky black shortbread bats and cats. So spooky, so simple and so so tasty. It was the perfect autumnal treat to have with a hot chocolate and a film, cosied on the sofa.

Decorating The House

I live for a theme, and autumn is no exception. My normal yearly decoration session starts 1st October and continues to grow until things get out of hand. This year however, I didn’t really have a home to decorate, being on the road, but knew I’d be home in London performing for Halloween week! (The pumpkin gods all worked their magic for me there!) which meant I had to pack an extra large suitcase to fit a few of my artificial pumpkins in to bring with me. Deciding who made the cut was way harder than it needed to be, fyi! But when I got to London, I went to town. I was there for 5 days and it was, what can only be described as, a Halloween grotto. I’m talking cobwebs, spiders, fairy lights, spiderweb table clothes, the tackier the better. I usually opt for a more classier autumn decor, but this year with time not on my side, I vomited Halloween all over the house and lived my BEST life!!

I’d love to hear what your traditions for autumn are, and what would be your top 3 If you had to choose!

Thank you, as always, for reading,
Love, Rosie xx

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