Listening To Your Body - When is Enough, Enough?

Thursday, 28 November 2019

With winter well and truly on its way, its now more important than ever to look after ourselves... which I believe is what they call pot calling the kettle black. I am ashamed to say I ignore my body all the time. When my mental health is bad, I try to listen to what I need, listen to what my head is telling me I need to do. But when it comes to my body, I'll be the first to hold my hands up and say, I ignore it.

I know I won't be the only one when I say I usually put my job before my bodies needs; Oh, I'm hungry! Cant eat too much or  I'll be bloated and my costumes won't look good. I'm tired... ah well, have a banana and Lucazade, got to power through. Ou oh, I'm ill! well you've got people in the audience so keep pushing through. Like many performers, creatives and free lancers, work is so hard to find that when you have it, admitting it's defeated you, even if its for a day, is tough.

I'm currently working on fixing a little problem with my vocal folds, so all my energy has gone onto working and correcting on this, meaning my regard for my body went out the window. I was working myself into the ground and stressing so much, I never seemed to have enough sleep. So when it came to our show arriving in my home town, in a theatre I worked in for 4 years if my life, you can imagine how thrilled I was when my body had had enough and blasted me with an infection to end all infections.

At first I thought It was just a sore throat, I was tired and its chilly out, a honey and lemon and a paracetamol will solve this, right? Wrong. we opened on Wednesday, and by Friday I arrived at work, where I very undramatically... ahem... passed out. Now in any other job, you'd usually have called it a day and stayed in bed, but I had people in the audience and the thought of letting them down was worse than feeling a big crappy.

This then led to probably the worst vocal performance of my life, which led to a minor breakdown side stage mid show, and after a very pathetic fight, resulted in me having to be practically banished from the theatre and for my understudy to go on the next day. After a trip to the docs, a diagnosis of 2 infections and a virus and many a box of antibiotics, I was massively annoyed to know my week off that I had been looking to for weeks, had to be spent in bed.

This was the wake up call I didn't want but massively needed. I think we're all guilty of working too hard and neglecting your bodies, but sometimes we have to stop and listen when your body shouts back and says enough is enough. You need a rest gal! And there is no shame in it, we all get ill and its not a sign of weakness! Its not good to over work yourself and burn out, look after yourself and listen to what your body needs, you only have one, keep it happy!!

If you have any tips on keeping healthy in these winter months, do let me know, sharing is caring and I deffo need any advice you've got!

Thanks as always for reading,
Rosie xx

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