How To Jump On The Tonal Trend

Sunday, 31 March 2019

How To Jump On The Tonal Trend

How To Jump On The Tonal Trend

I am a self confessed member of the monochrome army. And I am not ashamed to admit it! On a day to day basis, my wardrobe generally consists of black and white pieces, an occasionally, if I'm feeling fruity, a cheeky grey number. Now I realise that probably sounds very drab and boring, but, even though I'm an actor, I've never really been on to want to stand out from the crowd with my fashion choices. I find back to be extremely flattering and I usually feel quite sassy and safe when I'm wearing it.

But recently, a whole new hype for tonal colours has appeared in the shops, and lemme tell ya, I don't hate it. I always find myself drawn over to the colourful pieces, pick them up, say "they're beautiful"... and then buy it in black. But this year, I'm determined to branch out a bit further with my fashion choices, so I thought I'd write a post on how I'm going to ump on the tonal trend with a few simple pieces.

First Off, The Plain White Tee

We've all got one, they're a staple in everyone's wardrobe. Mine are usually used as a layering piece under woolly jumpers, but a crisp white tee is the perfect start to creating a tonal outfit.

Neutral Trousers

These are everywhere at the moment. You cant walk into a shop without seeing a pair. I chose more of a paper bag style, as they sinch my waist in and are super lightweight. These are from H&M, and aside from being ridiculously comfortable, they're also super affordable at £19.99.


White Trainers

When it comes to shoes, I know I'll be loving a pair of tan sliders when the sun comes out to play, but till then, I've been loving pairing my outfit with a pair of whit trainers. Like with the trousers, you can pick up a nice pair in basically every shop at the moment, so you can spend as much or as little as you like.

Finally, The Bag

Since straw bags blew into fashion last summer, I've had my eyes peeled for the perfect one, that would break the bank. I finally found this little number in Primark. Its big enough to hold all my unnecessary crap, has a handle aaaand a shoulder strap, and comes in a perfect light sand colour. I think a bag like this keeps an outfit casual, while still being enough of a statement, adding texture to keep the outfit interesting.

And that's completes the look. Its so simple and comfortable, but looks so chic and put together. If you have any tonal pieces that you're loving atm, lemme know in the comments below!

Thanks for readings,
Rosie x

The Toner of All Toners

Sunday, 17 March 2019


Pixi Retinol Toner Review

Over Christmas, something miraculous happened. Being away with work, kept me away from the copious amounts of chocolate my mom fills the house with, and meant I ate essentially none!! Despite the lashings of stage makeup, and sweating under the lights, my skin actually started to look better than it had for a long time. Now i'm not saying this was all down to the chocolate, but I think we all have to give into the fact... it probably had a big part to play. Since I got home in January however, that little bubble burst, and I was back to bad skin. (Ergh!) I tired all the usual, cutting down chocolate and dairy, cutting back on different fruits, trying different scrubs, toners, serums, you name it, I tried it. And no matter what, nothing seemed to help. It was getting me really down, my makeup looked awful, and no matter how hard I tried to fight those negative feelings away, I was starting to fail.

Until one cold windy day in March. I'd just about given up hope and walked into boots on a whim to see if anything new caught my eye. And then I saw it. Glistening it all its violet and mint green glory. Now we've all heard of, used and loved the Pixi Glow Tonic. And we'd all be lying if we said we didn't have a bottle of 3 stashed away in our beauty cupboards. But Pixi have recently brought out loads of new products. Enter Pixi Retinol Tonic. (Que confetti cannons, a marching band, maybe a party hat or two...)

I'd seen this little bottle of joy on the gram a few times and always thought "ah, yeah I should try that" and I just never saw it and then forgot about it. So there I was, stood in Boots, in a state of mad desperation and self consciousness, and purchased this little beauty. And lemme tell ya, best £10 I've ever spent!

I used it that night and I honestly couldn't believe the result! When I woke up, my spots had maaaassivly gone down, and though I still had scaring, my skin defiantly felt smoother and brighter! Since then I've used it every night, I find it so gentle on the skin and not at all like I'm rubbing acid all over my poor sensitive skin. Its odourless and hasn't seemed to dry my skin out at all, which I often find with toners. I honestly think whether you have sensitive skin or not, this is would work wonders for all skin types! I only purchased the mini bottle, but I can guarantee I'll be going back for the full sized one when I've used up all this magical potion.

Pixi Retinol Toner Review

If you're skins in a skin slump and are looking for a solution on a budget, I would highly recommend picking up a bottle of this, you will not be sorry!
If you have any skin changing products, please share them in the comments, I'd love to get a little skin saving stash up my sleeve!

Thanks for reading,

Rosie x

Pixi Retinol Toner ReviewPixi Retinol Toner Review

Rediscovering My Wardrobe

Sunday, 10 March 2019

Rediscovering you wardrobe
Rediscovering you wardrobe
I’m not always the best when it comes to creating new outfits out of what I already have in my wardrobe. I’m a serious outfit repeater and am definitely guilty of saying ‘I have nothing to wear’ as I’m looking at a fit to burst wardrobe. I love using Pinterest and instagram to inspire different outfit ideas...but always end up trusty ones I always wear, or panic buying a whole new outfit I’ll probably wear once and then decide I hate.
Since the explosion in the news about fast fashion, I’m now even more aware than ever about how bad this mind set and habit is, not just for my bank account (which just hates me permanently) but also because of the effect it has on the environment. If you haven’t watched the Stacey Dooley documentary on BBC3, then I would hiiiighly recommend! 
It made me rethink how I looked at clothes and inspired me to question if I could wear the item in more than one way. I think it’s easy to fall into the trap of seeing celebrities or influencers rocking a cracking look on Instagram and then going on the hunt to find the exact outfit to recreate the look. I know I do this all the time. I mean, wouldn’t we all be lying if we said we didn’t all have an ‘outfits’ board hidden away on Pinterest! But half the time, if I step back and think, I probably own a very similar piece I could recreate my own version of the outfit with, that would suit me better than trying to find their exact piece. With this in mind, I set my self a challenge. ‘No spend February’. And lemme tell ya, challenge it was. It made me seriously realise how often I’ll buy a new outfit or garment because I feel Like I own no nice clothes, or just because it’s Tuesday and I’m bored at work (don’t judge, we’ve all been there) and also made me realise how much of my wardrobe I just don’t wear anymore. 
With a new season on the way, I’m really keen to have a big clear out of everything I’ve not worn this winter and only keep the items I love. I know I own some beautiful pieces, I just need to fall in love with them again!!
If you have any suggestions on how to rediscover your wardrobe, I’d love to hear them, I’m in such a style rut so any advice is hugely appreciated!
Thanks for reading,
Rosie x


Rediscovering you wardrobe
Rediscovering you wardrobe





Top Tips for Getting Out And Going For A Run

Sunday, 3 March 2019

Tips for going for a run  
Tips for going for a run  

Tips for going for a run

With the realisation that spring is on the way, and my summer body is now hidden far far beneath my winter body, I decided I wanted to try and get out and get running, and attempt to try and find a figure again. 

Having this little brainwave is all well and good... physically putting down the biscuits and getting out the house is another story. If you’re anything like me, and need a bit of inspo to get you out and about, working up a sweat, so I thought I’d share my little tips on how I drag my sorry self out the door. Hope these help and you’re inner Mo Farah comes flying out! 

By A Sassy New Outfit

This originally just started as an excuse to go shopping, but seeing my sassy new running draw in my gear actually made me excited to wear it and get out the house. And it doesn’t need to be expensive either, Primark and ASOS have some lovely, flattering pieces, so even if you don’t feel the part, at least you’ll look it!


Go With A Friend  

When I decide ‘I’m going to get up and go for a run tomorrow’, I can almost guarantee it won’t happen, I’ll find an excuse or busy myself with something else. But i plan to gowith a friend, I know I’ll always go, because otherwise I’ll have to cancel and if there’s one thing I HATE, it’s letting people down. This way we both get out the house and feel better for it when we get back. And collapse in a heap. 


Listen To A Podcast 

Tips for going for a runThis is a pretty new revelation for me, which happened by accident. I was listening to my favourite podcast, Fearne Cottons Happy Place, which is just so inspiring, and rushed out the door to meet my friend. I was enjoying the episode so much I continued to listen to it as I walked to meet her, and then it just carried it on from there. What I’ve found is, when I have music playing, I’m going for a run, listening to music. I know all the words and it doesn’t matter if I’m not concentrating. But then I listen to a podcast, I’m listening to a podcast while running. My whole mind set changed and when I did this for the first time I couldn’t believe I’d ran 4 miles so comfortably! (Probably not a long run for most people, but I was proud, so you go girl!)  

Set Reachable Goals

I’m never going to be someone who’s going to run every single day, and will get up early to fit it in before work, cause I am such a sleepy girl and love my sleep. So setting a few evenings a week, is much more achievable. Some weeks we only get out once and that’s fine, it’s better than nothing!

Sign Up For A Run

I dunno about you, but I am quietly... okay loudly, competitive. So if I’m going to sign up for a run, ain’t no chance I’m coming last. Me and my friends have recently signed up for a 8.5 mile fun run. Where’s the fun in that I hear you ask? Well. I have absolutely no idea, but either way, I know I can’t fluke an 8 mile run no matter how hard I try, so having this goal has really helped me push on!

I hope these have helped you get your running mojo back, and I’d loooove to hear your tips of getting yourself out and about!
Thanks for reading,
Rosie x

Tips for going for a runTips for going for a run

Jacket: Primark
Crop Top: Primark
Leggings: Asos