My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

If you’re reading this post, the likelihood is you’ve been prescribed Roaccutane and are searching for the best products to help ease the side effects.  Being prescribed Roaccutane, is not a walk in the park by any means, and for those of you who are lucky enough to not know what Roaccutane is, you can get more information here.
I have been on Roaccutane 3 times. 3 horrendous times (SOB) and though every time I’ve taken it, I have had positive results at the end, the journey wasn’t an easy ride. Dry, Sensitive Skin, Cracked Bleeding Lips, Dull Complexation and Mood Swings are just the tip of the iceberg, but when I was on these tablets, I was searching high and low for any product that could tackle one of these problems. Just one and I’d be happy. So here are my four, yes FOUR of my favourite products for when you’re taking Roaccutane.

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

1.       Cleanser

Having good, clean skin is most important for anyone who suffers with acne, so a good cleanser I imperative. My go to was the Oskia RenaissanceCleansing Gel. I found this to be nourishing and gentle on the skin. It added moisture and allowed the makeup to slide off easily. During the last round of tablets though, I found the Kehlis Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil, and this was a total game changer. It gets all the grim off your face, melts your makeup away and leaves your face feeling smooth and supple. Whenever I use this, it’s very very rare I need to go into for a double cleanse, it seems to just make my makeup vanish and leaves my face soft and sparkling clean!

2.       Toner

This one is definitely an oldie but a goldie. Alpha H LiquidGold. Its been on the shelves for a while but I was quite reluctant to use it at first. I had sensitive skin to start with so add Roaccutane into the mix and my levels of sensitivity sky rocketed. But I was given it as a gift and followed the instructions of using it every other night, and whoaaaa! Even though its an acid, its still so gentle on the skin, its fragrance free and seemed to give my face the extra clean it needed. I use it even now I’ve finished my course and it definitely helps keep the breakouts at bay.

3.       Moisturiser

This one was the one I was always on the hunt for, as nothing seemed to be making aaaany difference. Until I found the Kheils UltraFacial Balm. This has a rich balmy (obviously Rosie) consistency, and a little definitely goes a long way! Rub a small amount into your hands and gently pat it on. Though having flaky skin is unavoidable while you’re on Roaccutane, I deffo found this moisturiser to help reduce this, and kept my skin feeling supple and more alive. However, what I should say is, I found this moisturiser to be a bit toooo heavy once I’d finished my course, and it ended up clogging my pores again, which was just great. I think a mixture of your skins natural oil’s and this product is a but too much, or it was for me anyway.

4.       Lip Balm

My Lips were the worst effected while I was taking this medication. They cracked so much they bled every day, and a highlight was when I was left with a little Chelsea smile (which I still have teeny tiny scares from, boo). There was nothing I could do, no product seemed to have any impact and wearing a lipstick was an absolute no go. Until I found it. The one we’d all been waiting for. Nuxe Rev De Mil Balm. I found this after watching a beauty favourites (as we all do in desperate times… or just like… a Tuesday) and brought it on a whim. And it did NOT disappoint. It has a waxy consistency, but hangs on for dear life. It lasts hours but also has a matte look meaning I could wear a lipstick on top. The first night I applied this, but lips were 90% healed by the time I’d woken up. It was an absolute savour and probably my best product of the lot!

I hope this helps, I know how disheartening it is when you feel like your constantly being stopped by a brick wall. I’d love to hear what your favourite Roaccutane go to’s are, so please leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x
My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

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