How To Stay Positive With Acne

Sunday, 17 February 2019

How to stay positive with acne
How to stay positive with acne
How to stay positive with acne

Since I was 11 I’ve struggled with bad skin. I’ve lost count of all the doctors and dermatologist trips I’ve been on, all the money I’ve spent on beauty products, how much time I’ve spent trawling the internet for a solution and how many tears I’ve shed looking at my reflection. I’ve been on all sorts of medication, some that’s really affected me and some have had no affect what so ever. I’ve even had a stint of UV light treatment which gave me glowing sunburn (my face was basically I giant raspberry, LOL) but not much else. I frequently referred to myself as ‘a goblin from the undergrowth’ when my skin was at its worst, and then I realized my negativity was probably half of the problem! All of us, whether we have bad skin or not, will from time to time, look in the mirror and feel disheartened, impatient and upset with our appearance. We’re human, it’s what were programmed to do. But I realised I needed to get out of this habit. I’d look in the mirror and analyse my skin, compare it to yesterday or last week. This caused me to get anxious and stressed… a huge trigger for spots. Good one hun!  You begin to get obsessed with how your skin is from day to day, and no matter how many people tell you its fine, you know it’s not, and it starts to become a permanent thought in your head, with flashing lights… and a siren, and maybe a troop of Beyonce’s backing dancers,  so you just can’t ignore it. It causes more stress, depression starts to creep in, and all this worry equals? You guessed it. More spots. 

As an actress, I worry continually about my skin. The industry is so discriminative that you can’t afford to have any flaws. Well there I was, one huge spot.  But I realized, I needed to think positively. So I created a few tips to follow, to stay positive for when life’s little monsters pop up to say hello!

·         No matter what you head is saying, no one’s really looking at you close enough to notice your skin. People will be drawn to your glistening eyes, or beautiful smile, and any blemishes will be hidden, and forgiven. We’re all human after all.

·         Having bad skin won’t make people like you any less. Your friends and loved ones wouldn’t care if you were wearing an out of season top or a sluchy hoodie, they wont care if you have greasy hair, they won’t care if you have a breakout. They love you for you, and don’t ever forget that.

·         You’re not cursed and you will find a solution. This is one I definitely have to focus on. Everyone in my family has lovely skin, and then there was me. I’ve tried so much to sort my problem, and I’m still on the hunt for a solution. And there is one out there; I just haven’t worked out what it is yet. But I will!

·         Focus day to day how it’s improving, not getting worse. My theory is; if it’s bad, it can’t get any worse. So focusing on the getting better will keep you on a positive track and help you skin heel.

·         And last but not least, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

When it comes to my skin, I’ve definitely found a lot of it is mind over matter. But sometimes I just need a pick me up. So please remember:

You are beautiful, you are loved and you ARE worth it.

Hope these little tips have helped, but I’d love to hear your tip and tricks for keeping the breakouts at bay!

Thank you, as always, for reading,
Rosie x

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