How I Try To Keep My Mental Health Safe

Sunday, 10 February 2019

How I try to keep my mental health safe

How I try to keep my mental health safe

When I say 'Ways I Try to Keep my Mental Health Safe', 'TRY' is very much the optimum word. When living with any kind of mental illness, most of your ‘I cans’ become ‘I can’ts’. The problem is, you believe these i cants, and it’s what you live by. You can’t see any form of light or positive option, and if you do it seems too far and unrealistic to achieve. The choice we have to make is, do we let this thinking rule our way of life, or do we fight it? Fighting it is hard and is an up hill, if not vertical, challenge. But everyone has a mental health and everyone needs to look after it. So here’s a few ways I try to look after mine.

How I try to keep my mental health safe


This is something we’ve all heard of, but when the thought of getting out of bed in the morning is a mammoth task, mustering up the energy to exercise is almost laughable. I knew I needed to get more active, I was getting upset about my weight and tackling that by eating chocolate digestives, which as glorious as those tasty little morsels are, it was not helping the situation. So I joined a group. For me this was a little group of one of my friends and a few of her family members who go out running every week. As much as I feel like I’m going to pass out with exhaustion while we’re out running, the ‘are you coming tonight’ text is sometimes the exact boost I need to get me out the house and not anyone, but most importantly myself, down. 

Finding The One

Feeling great in your own skin is half the battle. So if you can find that one thing that can help you feel yourself, don’t let it go. If it’s a particular jumper, lipstick, pair or trainers, then remember how you feel in them, and anything doesn’t make you feel like you, get rid of it. Wear those items with confidence and remember how you feel in them and let that shine out of you. 

Set Yourself Achievable Goals 

Having a goal to work towards gives you a sense of focus. However if that goal is too far away, too big, or right now simply too unachievable, then you can feel lost, a failure or just give up entirely. Having smaller, more realistic goals is something I’ve really been focusing on lately. My current goal is the simply read more books. I didn’t set myself a target so not to add pressure, but I’m simply just trying to read more. And I’m keeping up with it. I read when I can and am enjoying reaching for my book rather than my phone. So weather it’s read more, try and eat your 5 a day or reach a certain amount of steps on your fit bit, set your goal and focus on it. 

Get Organised 

Sometimes we get swallowed up in our hectic lives around us. It can seem like things are getting piled on top of us and we can’t keep our head above water. I find trying to keep organised helps curb this feeling of lost... ness. My way is pretty simple and something I wrote about before here, it’s a diary. Keeping a dairy and writing a to do list every week really helps keep grounded. I can focus on the important things and feel like I finally have a bit of control.

Taking Time For Yourself

You are the most important person in your life. Your body does amazing things every single day and it deserves to have a bit of R&R every now and then. Having a good night sleep, a bath, or a walk on a sunny day, time to yourself to focus on positives instead of being wrapped up in the negatives, is so important. 

All our mental health journeys are different, and some days are better than others. I’d love to hear some of your tips when trying to keep your metal health safe, the more we can share about this, the better. 

Thank you, as always, for reading. 

Rosie x

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