Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

Sunday, 3 February 2019


Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

If there’s ever a time to reach for a red lip, its Valentines day. I mean, any opportunity or a seasonal makeup look, and I’m yours, but if you can’t rock a red lip on Valentines, when can you?! Saying this, though I love a red lip, for a long time I basically gave up on the idea, as I felt I could never find the right shade for me, or couldn’t be bothered with the maintenance, but recently I decided I needed to stop this madness and find my perfect red lip, so I’m going to share my 4 top tips!

1.Finding The Perfect Shade

Generally, Reds come in two types, cool undertones or warm undertones. For ages I just thought red didn’t suit me, but that was because I was just looking at the wrong tone. I loved the idea of the warm, orangey reds, but they never sat right, so I turned to the Illamsqua website and took their quiz and found the reason I didn’t suit warm tone lips, is because my skin is cool tones, and this was a huge game changer. If you need to know you skin tone, take a look here.


2. Finding The Right Formula For You

These days lipsticks aren’t just bullet form anymore. With the blow up of liquid lipsticks, we’re now even more spoiled for choice. Liquid, matte, moisturising, long lasting… where do you even begin. For me, I knew I wanted to keep away from matte lipsticks as I suffer from dry lips and matte products only make them worse, so I went on the hunt for a long lasting moisturising formula, and found the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick, and Max Factor Lipfinity LipColours to be the perfect product.
 Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

3. Preparation

A rep lip usually shows all manor of sins. If your lips are dry and cracked, a red lip will not be your friend. So I recommend using a lip scrub before you apply your lipstick. I Use this one form the body shop. It exfoliates and softens your lips, while leaving a fresh peppermint taste. Simply apply it to your lips, rub together and wipe any residue away with a tissue. Easy Peesy.

4. Application

I won’t pretend like putting on a red lip is easy. The amount of times I’ve ended up with clown lips is ridiculous. So, when applying my lipstick, I always do these 2 things. 1- Use a lip liner. Find once as close to the shade of lipstick, you can. Line the edge of you lips, then go in and fill in the rest of your lips. 2: Use a brush to get the initial colour. My mom has used lipstick brush ever since I can remember, so I’ve grown up with this method. I apply the first layer of my lipstick this way to get the coverage, then go in with the bullet to build up the colour. I find using these two methods together keeps the product from bleeding, and keeps the colour bold and long lasting.
I’d love to hear your red lip go to’s, and your favourite lip product, I’m always on the hunt for a sassy new pout!

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x

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