Whats On My Face - February Edit

Sunday, 24 February 2019

Whats on my Face February Edit

Whats on my Face February Edit
My Skin literally goes on its own roller-coaster every week, so I never take a good skin day for granted! With the winter nights, lack of sunshine and recent over eating of chocolate, my skin is definitely in a bit of a slump, so I've been really trying to pair my makeup back. My skin has become dryer than usual, so I've been really focusing on trying to get a bright, dewy finish, and (before I speak too soon) I think I may have found a pretty good little collection for me, so I thought I'd share my current every day makeup with you.

1. Base

Since the heatwave we had in the summer of 2018, (which we are all praying to the sun gods will make a reappearance in the summer of 2019!) I've really gone off fuller coverage foundations. Its probably just me and my potential lack of knowledge, but its never seems to sit right on my skin, and the heat meant it essentially just dripped off my face. Nice. So I had a proper look round for a lighter
Coverage, glowy formula. I found the La Roche-Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant, and literally never looked back! It Targets oily and acne prone skin, while controlling the production of sebum and correct the appearance of blemishes. Its basically a tinted magical potion and I never really feel like I'm wearing makeup when I've got this on. I use the colour light, but unfortunately I've found that its become too dark over the winter, when  sun deprived skin got paler, so I went back to the Glossier Skin Tint, I wrote about this in my recent Glossier Post, and though its not my favourite product, the colour is perfect so is going a good enough job of create the finish I like right now :)

2. Bronze

If I'm feeling particularly sassy, I tend to reach for the Rimmel Insta Contour Stick. When this is blended in, it creates a natural but striking contour. But 9 times out of 10, each day i'll be reaching for the Guerlain Terracotta Bronzing Powder. This is a matte bronzer that is buildable, meaning you can go as natural or as "just walked off the plane from the Maldives" as you like. As I love the whole bronzed goddess vibe, and rarely reach for blusher. it is peeeerfect!

3. Eyes 

When I'm in a rush, I usually tend to sweep my bronzer over each lid and I'm pretty much good to go, but when I have a bit more time on my hand, I've absolutely been the loving the Charlotte Tilbury Exagger- Eyes Pallet. This is a warm neutral pallet with a beautifully glittery shade to spice things up. on a daily basis, I find the glitter to be too much for a day in the office, but add it on top after work and you've gone from a subtle day look  to party ready night look in a sweep! My Eyeliner is the Maybelline Hyper Precise All Day Liner. I tend to go backwards and forwards between gel and a liner pen, and at the moment I am strongly for the pen! I find this one so quick and easy to apply but still has a strong, true black colour. My mascara is one that has seen me through the ages. I have worn this since I was about 18, and no matter what else I try, I always come back to the Benefit Roller Lash Mascara. Available in both brown and black, it has a full colour and builds well adding length and a lovely natural curl. for an every day look, I find this little beauty to be absolutely stunning.

4. Brows

My brows are naturally quite dark, so I tend not to fill them in too much. I've found the NYX Micro Brown Pencil to be perfect for just filling in any little gaps. I use the colour Brunette, and with the pencil its self being so tiny, it creates a natural, full look to my brows. I don't really take much care when doing my brows, I just fill in any sparse bits, but I would defiantly say this product would be great if you're more of a brow wiz!

5. Lips

If I'm not wearing my trusty Glossier Balm.com, I can guarantee I'll be wearing my MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Smoked Almond. This is a rich, highly pigmented lipstick that sinks in to leave a beautiful satin finish. This colour is fairly neutral, but leaves the lips moisturised and stays put all day.

Whats on my Face February Edit

So there you have it, my quick everyday go to products. I'm always on the look for new product to try, so I'd love to hear your recommendations for quick, lightweight makeup to try!

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x

How To Stay Positive With Acne

Sunday, 17 February 2019

How to stay positive with acne
How to stay positive with acne
How to stay positive with acne

Since I was 11 I’ve struggled with bad skin. I’ve lost count of all the doctors and dermatologist trips I’ve been on, all the money I’ve spent on beauty products, how much time I’ve spent trawling the internet for a solution and how many tears I’ve shed looking at my reflection. I’ve been on all sorts of medication, some that’s really affected me and some have had no affect what so ever. I’ve even had a stint of UV light treatment which gave me glowing sunburn (my face was basically I giant raspberry, LOL) but not much else. I frequently referred to myself as ‘a goblin from the undergrowth’ when my skin was at its worst, and then I realized my negativity was probably half of the problem! All of us, whether we have bad skin or not, will from time to time, look in the mirror and feel disheartened, impatient and upset with our appearance. We’re human, it’s what were programmed to do. But I realised I needed to get out of this habit. I’d look in the mirror and analyse my skin, compare it to yesterday or last week. This caused me to get anxious and stressed… a huge trigger for spots. Good one hun!  You begin to get obsessed with how your skin is from day to day, and no matter how many people tell you its fine, you know it’s not, and it starts to become a permanent thought in your head, with flashing lights… and a siren, and maybe a troop of Beyonce’s backing dancers,  so you just can’t ignore it. It causes more stress, depression starts to creep in, and all this worry equals? You guessed it. More spots. 

As an actress, I worry continually about my skin. The industry is so discriminative that you can’t afford to have any flaws. Well there I was, one huge spot.  But I realized, I needed to think positively. So I created a few tips to follow, to stay positive for when life’s little monsters pop up to say hello!

·         No matter what you head is saying, no one’s really looking at you close enough to notice your skin. People will be drawn to your glistening eyes, or beautiful smile, and any blemishes will be hidden, and forgiven. We’re all human after all.

·         Having bad skin won’t make people like you any less. Your friends and loved ones wouldn’t care if you were wearing an out of season top or a sluchy hoodie, they wont care if you have greasy hair, they won’t care if you have a breakout. They love you for you, and don’t ever forget that.

·         You’re not cursed and you will find a solution. This is one I definitely have to focus on. Everyone in my family has lovely skin, and then there was me. I’ve tried so much to sort my problem, and I’m still on the hunt for a solution. And there is one out there; I just haven’t worked out what it is yet. But I will!

·         Focus day to day how it’s improving, not getting worse. My theory is; if it’s bad, it can’t get any worse. So focusing on the getting better will keep you on a positive track and help you skin heel.

·         And last but not least, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

When it comes to my skin, I’ve definitely found a lot of it is mind over matter. But sometimes I just need a pick me up. So please remember:

You are beautiful, you are loved and you ARE worth it.

Hope these little tips have helped, but I’d love to hear your tip and tricks for keeping the breakouts at bay!

Thank you, as always, for reading,
Rosie x

Self Love This Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Self love this Valentine’s Day
 Self love for Valentine’s Day

I’m going to go out on a whim here and say somthing I may get stoned by the masses for, I’m not really into Valentine’s Day (dun dun dunnnn) it’s just not my jam, I feel like if you love someone, tell them and make them feel special eeery day... but that’s just me. 

While I not really on the V day express, I know that some people are fully all a board and I absolutely do not judge you, love is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated in anyway you want to. 

But it’s not just love of a partner or your gals (FYI, Galentine’s...? Toootally something I can get on board with!) self love is also just as important as anyone else. 

We’ve all heard of it, but how many of us actually practice is? I know I’m guilty! In this fast paced, hectic life we live in, it’s sometimes so easy to focus On the world around us, instead of focusing on ourselves. As individuals we do amazing things every day, so it’s time we showed ourselves a little support! 

“If you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!”.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Take some time for your self. Self love is not selfish. You are no use for caring for others if you’re not caring for yourself. Spending a bit of time to do you is so important in order to keep your mind, soul and body happy. Start a new series or focus on an exercise plan, but take a bit of time to enjoy your own company. Don’t take yourself for granted and rest when you need to rest. You did good today, so put your feet up. 

Another way I’m attempting to practise self love, is by *trying* to find the positives instead of the negatives when I look in the mirror. I present to you... Positive affirmations – aka your new bffs! Positive affirmations are like food for the soul, and your soul is hungry so give it a cheeky snack. Start the day right and try and see something positive about  yourself when you look in the mirror, or write a positive thought for the day down in your journal. You are amazing and you deserve to know that about yourself!  

Stop comparing yourself. I say that like it’s easy, and with the massive explosion of social media, it’s so so hard not to compare yourselves to others. But instead of comparing, try to look up to those people. How have they got where they are? Let them inspire you and you will flourish. 

Last but not least, don’t forget to fall in love with yourself. It may take time, but learn who you are and embrace it.  You are amazing and like Ru Paul says “if you can’t love yourself, how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!”.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this valentines post about self love, I’d love to hear your tips of self love so let me know in the comments, and let’s share the love <3

Thank you for reading!

Rosie x
Self love for valentines day

Self love this Valentine’s Day

How I Try To Keep My Mental Health Safe

Sunday, 10 February 2019

How I try to keep my mental health safe

How I try to keep my mental health safe

When I say 'Ways I Try to Keep my Mental Health Safe', 'TRY' is very much the optimum word. When living with any kind of mental illness, most of your ‘I cans’ become ‘I can’ts’. The problem is, you believe these i cants, and it’s what you live by. You can’t see any form of light or positive option, and if you do it seems too far and unrealistic to achieve. The choice we have to make is, do we let this thinking rule our way of life, or do we fight it? Fighting it is hard and is an up hill, if not vertical, challenge. But everyone has a mental health and everyone needs to look after it. So here’s a few ways I try to look after mine.

How I try to keep my mental health safe


This is something we’ve all heard of, but when the thought of getting out of bed in the morning is a mammoth task, mustering up the energy to exercise is almost laughable. I knew I needed to get more active, I was getting upset about my weight and tackling that by eating chocolate digestives, which as glorious as those tasty little morsels are, it was not helping the situation. So I joined a group. For me this was a little group of one of my friends and a few of her family members who go out running every week. As much as I feel like I’m going to pass out with exhaustion while we’re out running, the ‘are you coming tonight’ text is sometimes the exact boost I need to get me out the house and not anyone, but most importantly myself, down. 

Finding The One

Feeling great in your own skin is half the battle. So if you can find that one thing that can help you feel yourself, don’t let it go. If it’s a particular jumper, lipstick, pair or trainers, then remember how you feel in them, and anything doesn’t make you feel like you, get rid of it. Wear those items with confidence and remember how you feel in them and let that shine out of you. 

Set Yourself Achievable Goals 

Having a goal to work towards gives you a sense of focus. However if that goal is too far away, too big, or right now simply too unachievable, then you can feel lost, a failure or just give up entirely. Having smaller, more realistic goals is something I’ve really been focusing on lately. My current goal is the simply read more books. I didn’t set myself a target so not to add pressure, but I’m simply just trying to read more. And I’m keeping up with it. I read when I can and am enjoying reaching for my book rather than my phone. So weather it’s read more, try and eat your 5 a day or reach a certain amount of steps on your fit bit, set your goal and focus on it. 

Get Organised 

Sometimes we get swallowed up in our hectic lives around us. It can seem like things are getting piled on top of us and we can’t keep our head above water. I find trying to keep organised helps curb this feeling of lost... ness. My way is pretty simple and something I wrote about before here, it’s a diary. Keeping a dairy and writing a to do list every week really helps keep grounded. I can focus on the important things and feel like I finally have a bit of control.

Taking Time For Yourself

You are the most important person in your life. Your body does amazing things every single day and it deserves to have a bit of R&R every now and then. Having a good night sleep, a bath, or a walk on a sunny day, time to yourself to focus on positives instead of being wrapped up in the negatives, is so important. 

All our mental health journeys are different, and some days are better than others. I’d love to hear some of your tips when trying to keep your metal health safe, the more we can share about this, the better. 

Thank you, as always, for reading. 

Rosie x

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

Wednesday, 6 February 2019

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

If you’re reading this post, the likelihood is you’ve been prescribed Roaccutane and are searching for the best products to help ease the side effects.  Being prescribed Roaccutane, is not a walk in the park by any means, and for those of you who are lucky enough to not know what Roaccutane is, you can get more information here.
I have been on Roaccutane 3 times. 3 horrendous times (SOB) and though every time I’ve taken it, I have had positive results at the end, the journey wasn’t an easy ride. Dry, Sensitive Skin, Cracked Bleeding Lips, Dull Complexation and Mood Swings are just the tip of the iceberg, but when I was on these tablets, I was searching high and low for any product that could tackle one of these problems. Just one and I’d be happy. So here are my four, yes FOUR of my favourite products for when you’re taking Roaccutane.

My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

1.       Cleanser

Having good, clean skin is most important for anyone who suffers with acne, so a good cleanser I imperative. My go to was the Oskia RenaissanceCleansing Gel. I found this to be nourishing and gentle on the skin. It added moisture and allowed the makeup to slide off easily. During the last round of tablets though, I found the Kehlis Midnight Recovery Cleansing Oil, and this was a total game changer. It gets all the grim off your face, melts your makeup away and leaves your face feeling smooth and supple. Whenever I use this, it’s very very rare I need to go into for a double cleanse, it seems to just make my makeup vanish and leaves my face soft and sparkling clean!

2.       Toner

This one is definitely an oldie but a goldie. Alpha H LiquidGold. Its been on the shelves for a while but I was quite reluctant to use it at first. I had sensitive skin to start with so add Roaccutane into the mix and my levels of sensitivity sky rocketed. But I was given it as a gift and followed the instructions of using it every other night, and whoaaaa! Even though its an acid, its still so gentle on the skin, its fragrance free and seemed to give my face the extra clean it needed. I use it even now I’ve finished my course and it definitely helps keep the breakouts at bay.

3.       Moisturiser

This one was the one I was always on the hunt for, as nothing seemed to be making aaaany difference. Until I found the Kheils UltraFacial Balm. This has a rich balmy (obviously Rosie) consistency, and a little definitely goes a long way! Rub a small amount into your hands and gently pat it on. Though having flaky skin is unavoidable while you’re on Roaccutane, I deffo found this moisturiser to help reduce this, and kept my skin feeling supple and more alive. However, what I should say is, I found this moisturiser to be a bit toooo heavy once I’d finished my course, and it ended up clogging my pores again, which was just great. I think a mixture of your skins natural oil’s and this product is a but too much, or it was for me anyway.

4.       Lip Balm

My Lips were the worst effected while I was taking this medication. They cracked so much they bled every day, and a highlight was when I was left with a little Chelsea smile (which I still have teeny tiny scares from, boo). There was nothing I could do, no product seemed to have any impact and wearing a lipstick was an absolute no go. Until I found it. The one we’d all been waiting for. Nuxe Rev De Mil Balm. I found this after watching a beauty favourites (as we all do in desperate times… or just like… a Tuesday) and brought it on a whim. And it did NOT disappoint. It has a waxy consistency, but hangs on for dear life. It lasts hours but also has a matte look meaning I could wear a lipstick on top. The first night I applied this, but lips were 90% healed by the time I’d woken up. It was an absolute savour and probably my best product of the lot!

I hope this helps, I know how disheartening it is when you feel like your constantly being stopped by a brick wall. I’d love to hear what your favourite Roaccutane go to’s are, so please leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x
My 4 Fave Products For When You're Taking Roaccutane

Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

Sunday, 3 February 2019


Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

If there’s ever a time to reach for a red lip, its Valentines day. I mean, any opportunity or a seasonal makeup look, and I’m yours, but if you can’t rock a red lip on Valentines, when can you?! Saying this, though I love a red lip, for a long time I basically gave up on the idea, as I felt I could never find the right shade for me, or couldn’t be bothered with the maintenance, but recently I decided I needed to stop this madness and find my perfect red lip, so I’m going to share my 4 top tips!

1.Finding The Perfect Shade

Generally, Reds come in two types, cool undertones or warm undertones. For ages I just thought red didn’t suit me, but that was because I was just looking at the wrong tone. I loved the idea of the warm, orangey reds, but they never sat right, so I turned to the Illamsqua website and took their quiz and found the reason I didn’t suit warm tone lips, is because my skin is cool tones, and this was a huge game changer. If you need to know you skin tone, take a look here.


2. Finding The Right Formula For You

These days lipsticks aren’t just bullet form anymore. With the blow up of liquid lipsticks, we’re now even more spoiled for choice. Liquid, matte, moisturising, long lasting… where do you even begin. For me, I knew I wanted to keep away from matte lipsticks as I suffer from dry lips and matte products only make them worse, so I went on the hunt for a long lasting moisturising formula, and found the Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick, and Max Factor Lipfinity LipColours to be the perfect product.
 Finding The Perfect Red Lip For Valentines Day

3. Preparation

A rep lip usually shows all manor of sins. If your lips are dry and cracked, a red lip will not be your friend. So I recommend using a lip scrub before you apply your lipstick. I Use this one form the body shop. It exfoliates and softens your lips, while leaving a fresh peppermint taste. Simply apply it to your lips, rub together and wipe any residue away with a tissue. Easy Peesy.

4. Application

I won’t pretend like putting on a red lip is easy. The amount of times I’ve ended up with clown lips is ridiculous. So, when applying my lipstick, I always do these 2 things. 1- Use a lip liner. Find once as close to the shade of lipstick, you can. Line the edge of you lips, then go in and fill in the rest of your lips. 2: Use a brush to get the initial colour. My mom has used lipstick brush ever since I can remember, so I’ve grown up with this method. I apply the first layer of my lipstick this way to get the coverage, then go in with the bullet to build up the colour. I find using these two methods together keeps the product from bleeding, and keeps the colour bold and long lasting.
I’d love to hear your red lip go to’s, and your favourite lip product, I’m always on the hunt for a sassy new pout!

Thanks for reading,
Rosie x