Why I’m Excited For Summer

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Why I’m Excited For Summer

Autumn/ Winter is and has always been my most favourite time of the year. Hot tea, bubble baths, cosy pyjamas...? toootally my jam! However, last summer was literally the best summer of my life, to the point where I basically reminisce about it every single day. Not only did we have the heat wave (which made up for my lack of traveling abroad *sob*) but i definitely felt more positive about myself and my life around me. I fell in love -cringe but cute-, was rehearsing for a play, had loads of day trips and everything just generally seemed to be going on the up. But I was so excited for woolly jumper season to kick in, that I basically wished our beautiful autumn away. I know, criminal. Then woolly jumper season arrived.  This winter, I definitely think I’ve had a server state of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Though I had a beautiful Christmas Day with my family, the festive season around was basically work work work, leaving me in a really low mood, making Christmas a write off.  

I’ve found, even now half way into the 1st month of 2019, that I feel like I have no idea how clothes work. Even my normal, beloved over sized jumper and jeans seemed to leave me questioning “does this work?”  Not feeling confident in your clothes is a horrible feeling, not knowing how to express yourself and what your style is leads to panic buying... and boy does panic buying get out of hand. 

“I just cannot wait for the 

sun to make its return”

Another thing I find, is that exercising becomes a far off dream. Now, I do go to the gym (my gym works on a book in, circuit system, forcing me to go) but it’s not easy. It’s become far too okay for me to call up and cancel my session, which when you’re subconsciously gaining blubber for winter, is not ideal. I found last summer I was so much more eager to get up early and get out side, and knowing I couldn’t hide under the staple woolly jumper also gave me motivation to go and work out a sweat. 

For some reason, this year the idea of summer time positivity has really hit home for me. I usually dread the day I have to hang up my winter coat and get out the summer dresses, but this year, weather it’s because I’m in a particularly down time in my mood or weather I am turning into a summer gal (I feel like I’m betraying the gods of winter even saying that), but I just cannot wait for the sun to make its return. 

If you have find yourself in a winter slump, any advice on how you get yourself up, ready and raring to go is hugely appreciated!! After all, Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading! 

Rosie x

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