The Ultimate Cosy Combo

Monday, 21 January 2019

The Ultimate Cosy Combo

The Ultimate Cosy Combo

With my boyfriend living in London, I find myself on my travels quite a lot. One thing I love about London is the range of styles. Everyone has their own unique fashion sense, and seem to be rocking it with complete confidence. For me, it’s all about being cosy in this artic weather we’re currently experiencing, and clearly dressing like a polar bear is the way forward. So these are my must have for the ultimate cosy combo!

The Jumper 

I love an oversized jumper, and it is without a doubt my ultimate winter uniform. I’m currently loving lighter coloured, extra chunky knits. Pair it with dark jeans and you can’t go wrong!


I am essentially a walking, talking icicle. I am always cold, so layers are always a thing with me. You can hide them under anything so no one needs to now you’re basically practicing for when your an old lady, and you can stay toasty warm all day. WIN. 

Boots and fluffy socks 

I am very rarely without a boot. They are always permanently attached to my feet. Heeled or flat, You just can’t go wrong. When it’s extra cold, I love to pair them with a pair of fluffy socks, when I have toasty toes, the rest of me always feels warm and cosy!


Another thing I love about this kind of year, are hats. I don’t think I can pull off the summer hat, but a winter hat? My absolute jam. Any style, the chances are is that I’ll be wearing one. 

I’d love to hear what your go to essentials are for the ultimate cosy combo, any excuse is a perfect excuse!

Rosie x

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