Getting Myself Organised For 2019

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Getting Myself Organised For 2019

If you’re anything like me, the thought of having no plan of your week, will fill you with dread. I envy anyone who can just sail through life, loving each day as it comes, making plans spontaneously, but unfortunately this is not my forte. So after a mental Christmas of panto, there are some things i’ll Be doing without a doubt, to get myself organised for 2019!

Keeping a Diary 

I cannot Function without a diary. And my family know that all too well, meaning I get AT LEAST  one new one every Christmas. WIN! 
Everyone uses their diary differently and I have to admit, i’d lurrrve to be a bullet journal kinda gal, but aside from not having the patients to make it look pretty, being able to do all the cute doodles and fonts is just not a skill I possess. 
So mine is just a cheep and cheerful weekly diary. I scribble eeeeverything down and if I run out of room, a cheeky post it note never goes a miss! 
So for anyone feeling slightly overwhelmed by all their plans for the new year, get yourself a diary and thank me later!

Tidy Up Your Photos 

I’ll put my hands up right now and tell you, my photos consist of mainly screen shots I’ve taken, forgotten about and now legit have no idea what they’re for. I’m also guilty of  the odd meme of 10, so I decided a cull was in order. I found going through and deleting all the crap you don’t need and only keeping the things that bring you joy, is a great way to get a fresh start and a more organised mind, which leads me perfectly on to my third point...

Clear Out Your Wardrobe 

So I am minorly (ahem, majorly but who’s judging) addicted to shopping and panic buying is the bane of my life. The problem with panic buying, is I’m then left with pieces i’ll wear once and never again. So I do try and do a wardrobe clearout a few times a year, but the start of a new one, is when I need my mom to provide me with emotional support, while I ruthlessly bag things up for charity. 
Having breathing space in your wardrobe means you can see all the pieces you own and love that make you feel sassy AF and confidence in your style again. 

(It also gives you room to add to your collection, new year new clothes... right?) 

Have A Deep Clean  

I don’t know about you, but I caaaanot sleep if my rooms a mess. And a new year Is the perfect time to have a deep clean. So wether it’s your whole house, or just your bedroom, roll your sleeves up, get out the Mr Muscle and get rid of the clutter. After all, tidy room tidy mind! 


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of how to get on top of 2019, and you all have a happy and successful new year. 
If you have any other advice on how you get on top on your new year, let me know in the comments!

Rosie x

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