5 Easy Ways I Saved Money This January

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

How i saved money this January 

January is always a bit of a hard month. Christmas is a whole year away (!!!), its cold and dark, and it’s a long wait till payday. I've got a lot of things coming up this year, I'm planning on moving out, eek, so it’s more important I’m saving my pennies than ever before. I've tried to be a bit more held back with my spending this month... (tried being the optimum words here) but I won’t lie, when it comes to shopping, I’m a bit of an unnecessary spender. I'm never going to be one of these strong-willed people who will cut back on every single unnecessary purchase, as much as I wish I could be, but I’m just not, So I've been trying to think of ways I can still enjoy myself but tighten the purse strings a little along the way.

1. Get The Girls Round

Me and my pals love going out for dinner or a drink and a boogie, but recently with us all saving, that's had to come to a bit of a stop. So, we've started going around to each other houses more. All we do is bring whatever we want to drink and some nibbles and we're away. I spend a maximum of £5 on nibbles, but when it all gets out on the table together, you have yourself a right feast and a great night all together!


2. Tick The Films Off Your List.

We all have one, a list of films that we really should watch but never have. This time of the year is the perfect time to start ticking that list off. Netflix has a huge amount of great stuff at the moment, so grab your blanket, make a cup of tea and get out the leftover Christmas chocolates!

3. Shop Your Wardrobe

You may have gathered that am a bit of a serial shopper. I'm like a magpie drawn to shiny things, I just cannot help myself. But let’s be real, I definitely don't need that new roll neck woolly jumper, because I already own about 10 that I’ve forgotten about. This is also a great time to get rid of anything you don't wear anymore, make a bit of space so you can re-find the love for the clothes you already own!

4. Track Your Spending

There are loads of apps that can do this for you, but it easy enough just to jot things down in a notebook, even if it’s just starting small with keeping a cap of things on your credit card, it’s a start!

5. Meal Prep

Though the food in the work canteen, or the Boots meal deal isle might seem like the easiest way around lunch time, doing a big food shop and preparing your meals for the week is a sure way to save money. This way you can keep on top of your eating habits and save a penny or two at the same time! Win!

These are just some little things I've been thinking about and trying to implement this month, and like the old saying goes, look after your pennies, and your pennies will look after you.

So, what are your best tips for saving? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading,

Rosie x

Why I’m Excited For Summer

Why I’m Excited For Summer

Autumn/ Winter is and has always been my most favourite time of the year. Hot tea, bubble baths, cosy pyjamas...? toootally my jam! However, last summer was literally the best summer of my life, to the point where I basically reminisce about it every single day. Not only did we have the heat wave (which made up for my lack of traveling abroad *sob*) but i definitely felt more positive about myself and my life around me. I fell in love -cringe but cute-, was rehearsing for a play, had loads of day trips and everything just generally seemed to be going on the up. But I was so excited for woolly jumper season to kick in, that I basically wished our beautiful autumn away. I know, criminal. Then woolly jumper season arrived.  This winter, I definitely think I’ve had a server state of SAD (seasonal affective disorder). Though I had a beautiful Christmas Day with my family, the festive season around was basically work work work, leaving me in a really low mood, making Christmas a write off.  

I’ve found, even now half way into the 1st month of 2019, that I feel like I have no idea how clothes work. Even my normal, beloved over sized jumper and jeans seemed to leave me questioning “does this work?”  Not feeling confident in your clothes is a horrible feeling, not knowing how to express yourself and what your style is leads to panic buying... and boy does panic buying get out of hand. 

“I just cannot wait for the 

sun to make its return”

Another thing I find, is that exercising becomes a far off dream. Now, I do go to the gym (my gym works on a book in, circuit system, forcing me to go) but it’s not easy. It’s become far too okay for me to call up and cancel my session, which when you’re subconsciously gaining blubber for winter, is not ideal. I found last summer I was so much more eager to get up early and get out side, and knowing I couldn’t hide under the staple woolly jumper also gave me motivation to go and work out a sweat. 

For some reason, this year the idea of summer time positivity has really hit home for me. I usually dread the day I have to hang up my winter coat and get out the summer dresses, but this year, weather it’s because I’m in a particularly down time in my mood or weather I am turning into a summer gal (I feel like I’m betraying the gods of winter even saying that), but I just cannot wait for the sun to make its return. 

If you have find yourself in a winter slump, any advice on how you get yourself up, ready and raring to go is hugely appreciated!! After all, Sharing is caring! Thanks for reading! 

Rosie x

Glossier, Worth the Hype? A year of Testing.

Sunday, 27 January 2019

Glossier, Worth the Hype?  A year of Testing.

Glossier, Worth the Hype?  A year of Testing.

When Glossier land in the UK back in 2017, it seemed like the whole beauty scene stood still to jump on the band wagon, and I was absolutely no exception! Like Everyone else, I headed straight to the website, ordered my products and waiting for my little bundle of joy to be posted through my front door, in the infamous pink bubble wrap bag. Then I did it again. And again. I soon ended up with a nice little collection. So, a year on, what stood the test of time?

My absolute hands down faaave is the Balm.com Lip Balm. This Cheeky little number is so nourishing on your old smackers and feels quite the luxury! It sinks into your lips but still leaves a lovely sheen. I use this religiously throughout the day, but also before bed, meaning I wake up with soft, moisturised lips. I tend to go for the Cherry Flavour, the smell alone would be enough to have me sold, but it also has a pretty pink tint meaning you can get away without another lip product on top. Win!

Next is the Priming Moisturiser. I fond this one to be particularly good in the summer. It has a light formula and sinks in quickly, leaving your skin ready and primed for you base. My skin needs a little bit more love in the winter, so I don’t find this product hydrating enough when its colder, but in the warmer months, it’s an absolute dream!

Finally, the Stretch Concealer. I tend to only really use this on good skin days, as, though after some work it can be buildable, it is still relatively sheer. I find the best way to apply this, is by warming it up with my fingers, and dabbing it into place. Its not at all cakey and moves freely with your skin. And though I don’t reach for it every day, when I do, I’m left with a soft, dewy glow… and now sadly an empty pot.

 "makeup becomes the fun part, 
not the fix—as it should be. "

Unfortunately, during the year lost some soldiers along the way. I had such high hopes for the Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick, but it dried my lips out like scales (gross.) The Perfecting Skin Tint was okaaaay, but though it gave a sheer, fresh, glowy finish, I just found it couldn’t even begin to compare to my trusty La Roche-
 Effaclar Duo+ Unifiant. Similarly to the Skin Tint, the Milky Jelly Cleanser was alright. I personally found it didn’t give me a thorough enough clean, however I did repurchase and do sometimes use it for my second cleanse. And finally, we come to The Solution. I’d heard some really positive reviews of this… and then I’d heard some complete tales of terror. I had such high hopes for this product, but sadly, things with The Solution and me just didn’t work out. I tried it over and over but every time I did, I always ended up with prolonged breakouts and red blotchy sensitivity (Waaaa) so me and The Solution parted ways… into my recycling bin.
Glossier, Worth the Hype?  A year of Testing.

And That, is my Glossier 1 Year on Round up.  I’d love to hear your views on Glossier and what your favourite are!

Thanks for reading,

Rosie x

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The Ultimate Cosy Combo

Monday, 21 January 2019

The Ultimate Cosy Combo

The Ultimate Cosy Combo

With my boyfriend living in London, I find myself on my travels quite a lot. One thing I love about London is the range of styles. Everyone has their own unique fashion sense, and seem to be rocking it with complete confidence. For me, it’s all about being cosy in this artic weather we’re currently experiencing, and clearly dressing like a polar bear is the way forward. So these are my must have for the ultimate cosy combo!

The Jumper 

I love an oversized jumper, and it is without a doubt my ultimate winter uniform. I’m currently loving lighter coloured, extra chunky knits. Pair it with dark jeans and you can’t go wrong!


I am essentially a walking, talking icicle. I am always cold, so layers are always a thing with me. You can hide them under anything so no one needs to now you’re basically practicing for when your an old lady, and you can stay toasty warm all day. WIN. 

Boots and fluffy socks 

I am very rarely without a boot. They are always permanently attached to my feet. Heeled or flat, You just can’t go wrong. When it’s extra cold, I love to pair them with a pair of fluffy socks, when I have toasty toes, the rest of me always feels warm and cosy!


Another thing I love about this kind of year, are hats. I don’t think I can pull off the summer hat, but a winter hat? My absolute jam. Any style, the chances are is that I’ll be wearing one. 

I’d love to hear what your go to essentials are for the ultimate cosy combo, any excuse is a perfect excuse!

Rosie x

Getting Myself Organised For 2019

Sunday, 20 January 2019

Getting Myself Organised For 2019

If you’re anything like me, the thought of having no plan of your week, will fill you with dread. I envy anyone who can just sail through life, loving each day as it comes, making plans spontaneously, but unfortunately this is not my forte. So after a mental Christmas of panto, there are some things i’ll Be doing without a doubt, to get myself organised for 2019!

Keeping a Diary 

I cannot Function without a diary. And my family know that all too well, meaning I get AT LEAST  one new one every Christmas. WIN! 
Everyone uses their diary differently and I have to admit, i’d lurrrve to be a bullet journal kinda gal, but aside from not having the patients to make it look pretty, being able to do all the cute doodles and fonts is just not a skill I possess. 
So mine is just a cheep and cheerful weekly diary. I scribble eeeeverything down and if I run out of room, a cheeky post it note never goes a miss! 
So for anyone feeling slightly overwhelmed by all their plans for the new year, get yourself a diary and thank me later!

Tidy Up Your Photos 

I’ll put my hands up right now and tell you, my photos consist of mainly screen shots I’ve taken, forgotten about and now legit have no idea what they’re for. I’m also guilty of  the odd meme of 10, so I decided a cull was in order. I found going through and deleting all the crap you don’t need and only keeping the things that bring you joy, is a great way to get a fresh start and a more organised mind, which leads me perfectly on to my third point...

Clear Out Your Wardrobe 

So I am minorly (ahem, majorly but who’s judging) addicted to shopping and panic buying is the bane of my life. The problem with panic buying, is I’m then left with pieces i’ll wear once and never again. So I do try and do a wardrobe clearout a few times a year, but the start of a new one, is when I need my mom to provide me with emotional support, while I ruthlessly bag things up for charity. 
Having breathing space in your wardrobe means you can see all the pieces you own and love that make you feel sassy AF and confidence in your style again. 

(It also gives you room to add to your collection, new year new clothes... right?) 

Have A Deep Clean  

I don’t know about you, but I caaaanot sleep if my rooms a mess. And a new year Is the perfect time to have a deep clean. So wether it’s your whole house, or just your bedroom, roll your sleeves up, get out the Mr Muscle and get rid of the clutter. After all, tidy room tidy mind! 


Hopefully this has given you some inspiration of how to get on top of 2019, and you all have a happy and successful new year. 
If you have any other advice on how you get on top on your new year, let me know in the comments!

Rosie x